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Why choose IBW for your business website hosting?

IBW are a dedicated business hosting provider and offer only one hosting package, a business package. Other hosting providers offer several different packages with several different prices but only their top package or Gold Package as often they describe it is only suitable for business. Irish Business Websites offer the "Gold Package" that others offer but at a much more cost effective rate than our competitors.

With our hosting accounts you get FTP accounts (File Transfer Protocol) which allows you to upload your website files as you wish to your hosting account and as you will see in the below case study that this is very necessary to cut your business costs by eliminating the need for a middle man to upload the website files after editing or updating etc. You also get unlimited email accounts with each hosting account and Unlimited Data Transfer. Other Hosting companies will give you a quota of which when you exceed this quota then you will be charged extra but not with Irish Business Websites who have NO HIDDEN CHARGES.
Case Study:
Recently IBW had a client who wished to transfer his hosting to us. On speaking to us then he was advised to get the FTP login details where we would set up a hosting account and transfer all files with no downtime to the client. He requested these details as advised but was told that the hosting account he was currently on did not allow for FTP and that he would download all the files, when he had time, for a cost of 200 Euro.

The moral of this story is that if you do not have the right hosting account for your business website then it will cost you money in the end.
What you get with IBW hosting at a glance:

FREE! Website if you require one. A free, default setting of any CMS template website such as Wordpress, Joomla, Oscommerce (for your online shop) etc. Contact Us for details.
FTP Account to upload your website to hosting account when and where you want.
Unlimited File Transfer
Unlimited matching business Emails
For details on Irish Business Websites Hosting, Domain Name Registrations and Website Design services then see our Frequently Asked Questions >>