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Irish Business Websites Terms & Conditions

The following are Irish Business Websites Terms & Conditions, which will be applied at all times.

Your use of this website means that you are bound to our terms of agreement.

Irish Business Websites reserve the right to refuse a client on whatever reason we determine. Reasons can vary from illegal use of website to immoral use of website and website hosting account.

ALL website updating by Irish Business Websites is charged at 35 Euro/Hour and this will include adding or deleting text and/or images and any changes to website including both brochure or database driven websites. Training on administration areas of CMS (Content Management Sytems) is charged at 65 Euro/Hour. All updating of websites is undertaken by our design department who have a dedicated website at for direct contact.

All Domain Registrations and Hosting accounts are paid annually in advance.

All quotes given expire after 3 months from date of quote.

No work on Website Design or Development will take place until a 50% of the agreed price is paid in advance to our design department, AWS - Affordable Website Solutions.

Payments can be made securely online at AWS website: or alternatively a cheque can be sent. Address to send cheques can be had on request. Cheques must be made payable to AWS-Affordable website Solutions which is the registered business name of Irish Business Websites.

Deposits are non-refundable

Invoices for balance remaining will be sent on completion of work. Irish Business Websites have the sole right to determine when work has been completed and is on same day as delivery date and delivery email sent.

Payment terms of invoices are 10 days. Failure to pay within the terms of invoice will result in loss of website. A charge of 45 Euro will be applied to invoice total in order to turn back on website.
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