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Business Website Services offering Website Hosting & Domain Name Registrations for your Online Presence.
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Irish Business Websites
Website Solutions for your Business Website
Why do I need a hosting account for my website?
A hosting account is what makes a website live on the internet and is necessary for ALL websites, personal or business.
How much does hosting cost with Irish Business Websites?
Hosting with IBW is charged at only 6.99 per Month and is paid annually in advance of the coming year when you purchase.
What do you get with Irish Business Websites Hosting for this price?
For only 6.99 a Month then you will receive FTP accounts so as to upload your website files to your new hosting account and when ever the website files are edited. You will also receive, should you want, the default Wordpress website which is a content managed website with admin area to allow you to update and edit your business or organisation website as you wish. If you sell online then we can also provide you with the default setting of an Oscommerce template website. If you wish for any other self content managed website or CMS website then we can also provide you with these platform which include Joomla, Wordpress, Oscommerce to name but a few. Oh yes! Nearly forgot, all hosting accounts with Irish Business Websites come with UNLIMITED bandwidth which other hosting companies will charge you for exceeding their allowed quota.
Will these FREE websites be customised.
If you wish for a customised to suit your business CMS website on any of the above mentioned platforms then our dedicated design department will gladly undertake this assignment. Please contact AWS-Affordable Website Solutions, which is our design team, on their website at
What about business eMail?
You will be provided with as many emails as you want and all comes with the hosting package and at no extra cost.
What is the cost of Domain Name Registrations?
We charge 20 Euro per annum for an International Domain Name such as a .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org and 70 Euro per annum for an Irish (.ie) Domain Name.
What do I get for this annual Domain Name Registration Fee?
If you wish for a customised to suit your business CMS website on any of the above mentioned platforms then our dedicated design department will Irish Business Websites will pay the registration fee to the Domain Name Registrars and will then have the Name Servers updated so as to point to your new or existing hosting account which will allow the website to be viewed when the domain name is entered into a internet browser.
Are IBW not the domain registrars?
No, we are a third party registrar that takes the hassle out of you registering with a domain name registrar and then having to get this domain name a hosting account and then contacting the domain name registrars again to update the DNS (Domain Name Servers) and then getting a web developer to upload all your website files to this hosting account which increases your costs astronomically
What about customising my Free CMS websites given by IBW or designing a new website, SEO and website marketing?
We now have a separate department to undertake all of these services should you need them. Let us know if you need any of these services where we will have AWS - Affordable Website Solutions (our design and development department) contact you to answer any and all queries you may have.

Irish Business Websites Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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